{ false moves. }

there is life and green growth in these trees

the sun heats the west side of the house

while I sit facing east, held up in the shadows

afraid of all that good light

it sees me too well

knows when I close my eyes

the flinting mechanism turns to sandstone

melts away with the good feelings

day splits again, a dart through a down heart

feathers burst forth and fly everywhere

great gravity directs me downward

don't let them take me

sometimes I feel an awful enemy exists

studying all these words

ready to shove them back in my face

force them down a vulnerable gullet

it all goes down so easy.

the song shifts

in my heart

we've lost rhythm

we've lost touch

we are lost

great gravity pulls us down so easy.

I know this is not true

only the human persuasion

a simple sooth of false sophistication

professing identities of drought

feeding me a line

when my guard is down

and I have no fight

the greater gravity sings ascent

as bones buckled, white knuckled

forgive me, it is so easy

to confess the sadder bits

the minor riffs of being

remain a simple sinner


good gravity persists ascent

and always does

with grace

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