{ Okay, Kids. }

My hands are stained and feel like sandpaper.  The dirt just ravaged them.  But I am excited for the food I will eat in future months.  I've decided to keep it simple.  There will be so much kale.  And tomatoes.

What do I say?
Something has been lost here.  Great transition is afoot.  It's thrilling and terrifying.  It is also much needed.

For a long time I was very afraid.  I realize that now.  And I feel sorry about it, because inevitably it cost me a lot.  A lot of time hiding.  Tucked away beneath the bar stool.  Buried in my thoughts.  The hardest part is crawling out of that place.  Writing is a tense place for me.  I've grown so accustomed to the comfortable ways of doing it.  Without certain facets I feel as though I can't get the right thoughts out in the right order to say the right things.  My mouth is dry.   

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